Easily manage your electricity, water, and gas usage from the cloud. Reduce spending and conserve energy.

Encompass provides unlimited access to your EKM Push meter data for free.

Whether you wish to submeter rental units, monitor the performance of a solar array, track the performance of an electric car, etc., Encompass provides a solution.

Get a Push System

Encompass offers a visual representation of usage with engaging and customizable dashboards.

Set up dashboards for single meters, or aggregate data for groups of meters, to monitor data in real-time as well as historical usage over time.

Again, this service is completely free. Our intent is to add value to the EKM Push Metering System while minimizing any barriers to entry.

Manage one meter, or thousands of meters, from one online interface.

Encompass allows you to generate email reports that can include .pdf summaries of daily or monthly usage, which can be used to bill tenants. You can also provide tenants with access to individual meters with the Share Meter feature.

Customizable dashboards for aggregated group data, as well as individual meters.

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