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Group Settings


Setting up the Billing Cycle

First, click "Show Settings" on the right hand side of the dashboard menu. From the settings page you can choose a billing cycle by selecting a date from the drop-down calendar menu that represents the beginning of your billing cycle. Quite often this will be the first day of the month.


Setting the Cost per Unit

The Cost per Unit is what you are charged per unit of electricity(kWh). In the future you will also be able to use Encompass to monitor water and gas, which is why we have left room for those.

You can calculate your cost/unit using a utility bill. On your bill, find the Total Charges for your electricity and the Total kWh used. Then enter these values into the appropriate spaces in Encompass and the cost/unit will be calculated automatically. You can also enter your cost/unit directly into that text field if you already know it.



You can set up daily and/or monthly reporting from the Settings page. Toward the bottom of the page there are some toggle boxes that you can click in order to activate these features. As the main user, the reports you toggle will be sent to your email address by default.

You also have the option to add additional users as "Admins" and/or "Viewers." Right now, in this stage of Encompass development, there is no difference between Admins or Viewers, so we suggest you add users as Viewers. This allows you to enter their name and email address so you can send reports directly to them if you wish.