Tutorials General

Getting Started


Create an Encompass account

Click "Register" in the upper right hand corner of the Encompass website. Then fill in the appropriate information where prompted and click "Create" when you are ready to continue.

Note: If you are currently logged in to the "Try It" trial account, you must first click "logout" in order to be able to register a new account. You will not see "register" as an option until you are logged out of the trial account.


Enter your Push User Key

Your Push User Key is sent to you via email after you purchase your Push metering system. Once you have created your Encompass account you will be prompted to enter your Push User Key. Please copy and paste this from the email you received from EKM Metering then click "Add" when you are ready to continue. 


Name your meters

Once you have entered your Push User Key, all of the meter associated with that Key will automatically propagate into your account. From here you can see which meters and lines are active, as well as rename your meters if you wish. You will also be able to change the meter names later as well. When you are ready to continue, click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Note: The meter-to-Push association is done at EKM Metering at the time of purchase. In order add meters to an existing Push account, please contact us and let us know the meter numbers you wish to add, as well as the MAC address on the back of your EKM Push gateway. 


Group Manager

Once you have named your meters and clicked "Next" you will enter the Group Manager. This page allows you to organize your meters into groups to suit your needs. Click the triangle next to the first group to drop down the list of your meter(s). In order to add another group, click "Create a Group" and then name the new group. You can then drag and drop meters from one group to another. You can even drag and drop one group into another to create a more complex organizational tree. When you are ready to proceed, click "Dashboard" in the upper right hand corner of the webpage to see the groups that you have created.


Navigate to groups or meters

From the default "Groups" navigation window you will see all of your groups arranged as icons, with numbers on them that reflect the number of meters in the group. Groups aggregate the data of the meters in the group to give a sum of the metered values whenever applicable (Watts and kWh). You can also click "All Meters" to show all of your meters arranged as icons. Click on any of these icons to show their respective dashboards and begin to add or edit widgets.