The goal of Encompass is to provide a way for users to access and interact with their metering data. In a sense we set out to make the invisible visible, because our belief is that in order to conserve it is first necessary to understand how one consumes. And further, we believe that this understanding shouldn’t come at a cost, so we’ve made encompass completely free.

Omnimeter & Push

The Omnimeter and Push account for the brains of EKM Metering’s systems. The Omnimeters are highly accurate and versatile models of revenue-grade meters. The EKM Push is the communication gateway that sends the Omnimeter data to the cloud where it can be securely retrieved by Encompass. Push Metering Packages provide all of the products you will need to set up a metering system and are available from EKM Metering’s website, starting from $275.

Get a Metering System


Encompass is a cloud-based service designed to complement metering systems designed by EKM Metering. From your free encompass account you can monitor any number of meters, in any number of locations around the world, from one online interface. In order for you to get a good idea of what encompass offers, we have set up a demonstration account that you can try without needing to create your own account. Click the button to give it a go.