This is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitates to contact us if any of yours remain unanswered. Also, check out our tutorials for help setting up your Encompass account.
Encompass is a free cloud-based meter data service for EKM Metering's customers. It provides a visual interface for energy usage and provides tools to manage any number of meters, monitor trends, export reports and spreadsheets, and much more.
It's free! Encompass is intended to be a free service for anyone who purchases an EKM Push Metering system.
Encompass needs an EKM Push Metering system, the critical components being an EKM Omnimeter and an EKM Push gateway. These two components account for the brains of the system and allow your data to be sent to the cloud. There are other ancillary components that may be required. For example, if you are wanting to meter electricity, you will need the appropriate number of current transformers for your electrical system. Of course, you will also need to connect your EKM Push device to the web. This is typically done with an ethernet cable routed to an internet modem.
Yes, there's an easy way. If you click the "Try It" link in the header you can use our trial account without needing to sign in or register. This account contains some sample meters and you can use it to explore Encompass to your heart's content.
There's a good chance. Whether Encompass will function properly is mostly dependent on your internet browser. Encompass uses a lot of advanced web tools so it runs best on up to date browsers. It does not run well on Internet Explorer. It works best in Chrome but will also work in Firefox and Safari, provided they are relatively current versions. We definitely suggest that you update you browser for the best results. The best test to see if Encompass will work on your browser, is to try our trial account. If it works for you with this account then it will work for your personal account.
Yes, Encompass now supports electric, water, and gas meter data. In addition to being an electric meter, the EKM Omnimeter v.4 has the ability to count pulses from up to three pulse output water or gas meters. Encompass interprets these pulse inputs as their own distinct meters in each user's list of meters. Users can define these pulse meters as water or gas meters, while also defining the pulse value in units of water or gas. See our Encompass tutorials for more information about how this is done. The tutorials can be found by clicking the "?" icon in the Encompass header.
When you register for Encompass it will prompt you to enter your EKM Push User Key. This key is given to you when you purchase an EKM Push. EKM will automatically associate any meters that you purchase with your EKM Push device. So, when you enter your EKM Push User Key into Encompass, your meters will show up automatically and your data will be available right away. If you wish to purchase additional meters, we can also associate these to your existing EKM Push. Contact us with the meter numbers you wish to add, along with the MAC address of your EKM Push device, and we will make sure that they get securely associated in the database. Once meters are added to your Push account they will be added to your Encompass account automatically within 24 hours. Or you can add them manually. See our Encompass tutorials to learn how this is done. The tutorials can be found by clicking the "?" icon in the Encompass header.
There is no limit. We have designed Encompass in a way that allows users to group and organize any number of meters. Every EKM Push gateway can connect with up to 50 Omnimeters in a daisy-chain configuration. And there is also no limit to how many EKM Push gateways can be associated with a users account. The scaleability of this system is, for all intents and purposes, infinite.
No, this is not possible. This service was designed specifically for EKM Meters and EKM Push data.
You sure can. EKM Metering specializes in highly accurate, revenue-grade metering systems. Encompass allows you to take advantage of those metering systems and the data that they provide to generate pdf reports that can be used for billing. You can set these reports to be sent to your email address and/or directly to another party if you wish.
It’s possible for the EKM Push to read meters up to once/second. You can see examples of this in the Demo account. Unfortunately, sending data at this rate puts a much greater burden (60x greater) on the Push system, when compared to sending once/minute as EKM typically does. We can offer a higher read rate but not for free like we do by deafult. Feel free to send us an inquiry if you are interested in learning more about our paid data rates.
In order to handle the vast amounts of data that the meters generate, EKM summaries the real time data of the meters into a condensed dataset for long term storage in the cloud. These summaries are in 15 minute, hour, day, and month increments. EKM stores these summaries indefinitely so you will always have a historical record of you meter's data.
No, right now the widgets do not embed in other websites. We do plan to add this capability in the future so check back with us again in a few months and we may have implemented this functionality by then.
Yes. EKM Metering provides an API for the EKM Push system. Encompass uses the same API that is available to the public. In fact, EKM Metering has an App Store on their website so we can offer 3rd party apps to our customers. You can find the API documentation on the EKM Metering website, or you can copy/paste this URL into your browser: ekmmetering.com/developer-portal